The Mortality Manifesto Pledge

The first step in Choosing The Life You Want.

The Mortality Manifesto Pledge

Written By: Patrick

HEY YOU! Listen up!

This is your life!

You only get one – and it’s happening RIGHT NOW!

It’s time to Choose The Life You Want.

Taking the Mortality Manifesto Pledge is the first step.

After all, you deserve to live a life that’s Fearless, Focused and Fulfilled.

  • You owe it to yourself.
  • You owe it to those you love.
  • You owe it to those who love you.
  • You owe it to those who came before you and to those who will come after you.
  • You owe it to God, Allah, the Universal Life Force, or Charles Darwin – whatever you believe put you here.

There are tons of people drifting through life on autopilot because they don’t realize just how much it matters. You owe it to them to serve as an example.

And I’m here to help.

So Who Am I?

My name is Patrick Mathieu and I wrote the Mortality Manifesto. My mission in life is to see that people are living lives that are fearless, focused and fulfilled. Too many of us are living “by default” and accepting whatever we are handed. I help people to choose to live lives that are worth dying for. (That’s why I have my expiry date tattooed on my shoulder.)

I’m a motivational speaker, author and coach. I’ve been featured in a full-length documentary film and appeared on numerous television and radio programs, including Oprah & Friends (in an hour long interview with Dr. Oz.) discussing my transformational work, which I call The Power of Mortality™.

What Do I Know About Mortality?

I am fortunate enough to know when I am going to die. I was born with multiple congenital heart defects, but amazingly I’ve never had any surgeries or been on any medications because of my heart. When I was eighteen years old, a top cardiologist told me that he and his team hoped I would live to be 30 years old.

“Because of the way your heart is built, it will give out much sooner than normal. We hope that doesn’t happen until you’re 30.” – the news I was given at age 18

It took six long and difficult years, to come to terms with the news that my life was more than half over. But accepting and embracing my own mortality left me a transformed person. That’s when I developed the Power of Mortality™.

I took the numerals of my 30th birthday, converted them into a barcode, and had it tattooed on my arm, where it serves as a daily reminder.

Don’t worry, I’m not suggesting that you get a tattoo – you can just take the Mortality Manifesto Pledge instead!

So How Do You Get Started?

You need to start by embracing your mortality. You need to realize (not intellectually, but deep down in the core of your being) that there’s no good reason why you’re alive today. No one owes you a specific amount of time on this planet, so each and every moment is bonus time. (You’re starting to look worried. Don’t worry. This isn’t about fear – it’s about GRATITUDE!)

Embracing your mortality gives you the ultimate power…
the power to finally choose the life you want to live!

The best part is, this is a choice that you get to make over and over again, on a daily basis.

The Mortality Manifesto is a daily tool for Choosing The Life You Want.

Why Is Embracing Your Mortality Important?

How Do I Know This Approach Works?

I know that it works because I was forced to test it out in a real-life ‘fire drill’. When you decide to take the pledge by entering your name and email address in the box below, I will send you an email back telling you about the time I had a stroke in 2006.

  • 18 years after I had sat in the doctor’s office and been given my ‘expiry date’.
  • 12 years after I had embraced my own mortality and developed my philosophy of The Power of Mortality.
  • 3 years after I had began to deliver motivational keynote addresses encouraging others to embrace their mortality.
  • 1 year after my first book “What’s Your Expiry Date? Embrace Your Mortality – Live With Vitality” was published.

If you knew that the thoughts, words and actions you are thinking, speaking and doing today would lead you to a profound sense of peace when you are faced with the end of your own life… could ANYTHING stop you from choosing the life you want?

Why Am I Doing This?

I do this because I don’t want you to end up being one of “those people”. You know, the ones who live their lives as though they’re immortal – always assuming that there will be “more time”. Even more dangerously, they live their lives as though there will be “enough time”.

  • They assume that they’ll have enough time to do the things that have not been done.
  • Enough time to say that things that have not been said.
  • Enough time to right wrongs and heal wounds.
  • Enough time to follow their true path.
  • Enough time to live their life!

Sound like anyone you know?

So What Exactly IS The Mortality Manifesto Pledge?

I wrote the Mortality Manifesto in 2005 as a personal credo or statement of belief. When I began to share it with audiences it struck a chord with people who found that it was a very useful guiding principle to use on a daily basis. When I included it in my first book, I turned it into a pledge.

Here it is. (Click on the image to read it.)

Here’s how you use it…

Read the Mortality Manifesto. Read it a few times. Let it really sink in.

Then let’s both agree that today… is our last day on earth.

I’m not trying to be morbid or sensationalistic, but the fact of the matter is that there is not a single person on this earth who can guarantee you that you will wake up tomorrow morning.

Once you are ready to really commit to the truth of that statement, you are ready to take the pledge.

Simply enter your name and email address in the box below and you will automatically be emailed your very own copy of the Mortality Manifesto Pledge.

Fill it out and put today’s date on it.

Then, if you wake up tomorrow, you’ll begin to realize that you’re living on borrowed time.

I dare you to go back to living on autopilot once you’ve signed the pledge!

Then What?

Once you’ve taken the Mortality Manifesto Pledge, you are ready to start Choosing The Life You Want! A life that – thanks to the principles of the Mortality Manifesto – is fearless, focused and free from regrets!

And that’s where Fearless Focused Friday’s come in.

The Fearless, Focused Friday (FFF) Campaign, is about taking a few moments each Friday to reflect on your dreams and goals and to ensure that you are focused on thoughts, words and actions that will move you towards your objectives. Once you do that, imagine how much more relaxed and enjoyable your weekends will be because you’ll know that you’re on the right track!

Every Friday you will receive an FFF email. They are short and to the point. A two-minute read. Sometimes you will be given food for thought, other times there may be a suggestion for some action that you can take.

You can unsubscribe at anytime and I will never sell or share your email address.

READY? Take the Pledge!

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